Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard During President Clinton’s Endorsement Appearance With Joe Lieberman

News Item: Former President Joins Rally for Lieberman

10. If you lose Joe, I have to come back and endorse Ned Lamont... You can always grab Bernie Sanders or Jim Jeffords if you need to

9. Joe, don’t you have any black people in this state?

8. Joe, I gotta say, if you lose and run as an Independent... By that time, all the blogs will be against you

7. Is there a Krispy Kreme anywhere around here?

6. I’m surprised, Lieberman backed Bush’s War so much, it’s a wonder they didn’t send him over to see about a cease-fire

5. You better thank me, you ass-kissing turncoat ... I could have been with Barack Obama today

4. If I had known 36-years ago you’d turn out to be like you are, I would have backed the other guy

3. Sorry Joe, I only do handshakes with men ... No kissing

2. Just keep smiling and waving Joe ... No, I haven’t forgotten what you said about me and Monica Lewinsky

1. Play nice today Joe ... You’re going to need Hillary’s vote, for after you lose and President Bush names you to his cabinet

Joe Lieberman Lies About Bush Kiss

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