Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Ideas President Bush Has For Getting Israel and Hezbollah To Agree To U.N. Resolution

News Item: Lebanon's Proposals Change Dynamics

10. We should share our Iraq Plans ... Frankly, I very surprised that the people of Lebanon don’t view and greet Israel as liberator

9. This Landis kid is going to be looking for work, maybe we can put him into the talks

8. Once Ambassador Bolton gets confirmed, we turn him loose - and even Hezbollah will have the bejeezes scared out of them

7. I was hoping “The Hammer” could have helped me, but it looks like he’s going to have to stay on the ballot and run

6. Hmmm ... A few, well-placed hints to Cheney on how good the duck and pheasant hunting is in South Lebanon

5. Why ask me? Condi’s handling it ...

4. Admit - privately - to Israel and Hezbollah that Iraq is in a Civil War and we’re thinking about redeploying the troops somewhere

3. Help me out here ... Nasrallah? Nasrallah? ... Is that a terrorist or is it that chocolaty hazelnut spread stuff

2. Before I sign this resolution, are we still talking about Shiites and Sunnis, or is there another sect that nobody’s bothered to tell me about

1. Ah, screw it ... Forget this 10-days vacation crap... I’m gonna do what I always do and take the whole damn month off

One of President Bush’s ideas to push through the U.N. Resolution is a few, well-placed hints to Vice President Dick Cheney on how good the duck and pheasant hunting is in South Lebanon

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Virgil said...

I thought this was a serious post until I noticed that Hezbollah was spelled correctly.