Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 6 August 2006

Cuban officials this morning denied reports that Fidel Castro was gravely ill, or even had passed away, saying that he was “the picture of health”, and releasing a photo of the long-time dictator taking some swings in the batting gage

With closing down the White House Media Room , and President Bush off on his annual vacation, the Communications Department has cut back and reduced the staff of its’ spin masters

Another setback for Apple Computer with having to restate its’ earnings for the past few years is that a new Apple logo will be launched. The new logo will be similar, but showing two or three bite marks

Emmy-award-winning actor Jason Lee, star of the hit NBC sit-com “My Name Is Earl”, the show about Lee, as Earl, taking winning a lottery to change his life positively and going around apologizing to anyone he has offended, is said to be irate with rumors that the network is said to be considering replacing him with Mel Gibson, and renaming the show “My Name Is Mel”

Cyclist Floyd Landis, now that the second test results has shown positive for illegal substances, says he’s eagerly awaiting the results of Tuesday’s Connecticut Democratic Primary to see how Senator Joe Lieberman (D & R - CT) fares. Landis indicated that he may take Lieberman’s lead, if Lieberman loses, and compete in the 2007 Tour de France as an Independent

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