Thursday, August 10, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: New Possible Reasons Joe Lieberman’s Website Crashed On Election Day

News Item: Daily Kos: Why Lieberman Website Crashed

10. Website on President Bush’s vacation schedule

9. Hadn’t kept up on the delays of Microsoft’s new Windows Vista release

8. Lieberman awaiting briefly; May have been part of new terrorist plot unveiled today

7. Site saw the early polls, indicating a Lamont blow-out and just said WTF!

6. I know we blamed the bloggers, but it was really just our way to reduce the “Get Out To Vote” effort

5. Anybody know what Lowell Weicker was doing that day?

4. Candidates for the DHS Cyber Security Post were being auditioned and ... Well ... They, they screwed up a bit testing new software

3. Wanted to top Katherine Harris for the biggest, bonehead campaign fiasco of the year

2. Just recently, handed over website maintenance to British Petroleum

1. White House wants him to say that early evidence is pointing to signs that Hezbollah, Iran and Syria may have been involved

Many political pundits are saying that, just like his website on election day, Senator Joe Lieberman’s (R+I - CT) move to remain on the ballot and run as an Independent will come up empty

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