Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Features On The Garlic!

New Features!

As we referenced on Sunday, we updated The Garlic to the new Beta Blogger, which improves functions in the back office (easier posting), as well as giving The Garlic a sleeker look, along with better Search and Archives.

So, taking advantage of this opportunity, we’ve added some new features to our Sidebar.

You can now (being we’ve been at this going on two-years) look at “On This Day” and see what The Garlic was riffing and poking at ... Scroll down further and you can read more content and retro-posts on;

Sports ... On The Garlic
Business ... On The Garlic
Songs ... On The Garlic

As you explore the new, improved Sidebar, please take some time to visit the fine folks in our Link List ... It a good gathering of some other great content out there on the World Wide Web ...

Lastly, get The Garlic delivered right to your In-Box, by signing up for the daily feed, from FeedBurner. You can use the subscription box, or just click on any of the blinking marquees that you see. We also offer a bevy of choices if you have your own favorite RSS Feed to get The Garlic delivered to you.

Once again, many thanks for visiting and reading The Garlic: All The Cloves Fit To Peel


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