Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things About The Google-YouTube Deal

News Item: Google Gambles on Web Video

10. Are you ready for “YoogleTube?”

9. Reportedly, SEC filing shows Google motivated to do deal strictly to bust Rupert Murdoch’s balls, and keep YouTube away from merging with MySpace

8. Clause in sale contract forcing YouTube to have new, very sparse Home Page

7. Agreed, in advance, to point at each other and issue “plausible deniability” statements when the copyright issues start popping up

6. Stipulation in contract that YouTube, under any circumstances, can’t hire former Google Executive Chef, Charlie Ayers

5. Searches on both Google and YouTube for “moron” videos only pull up Mark Cuban

4. Even though they have been running for about three-years, YouTube has to start over again, in Beta-Mode

3. LonelyGirl15 making waves, demanding cut of Google Ad Word revenue

2. YouTube braced for a flood of new “Numa Numa” or “Star Wars Kid” videos from Google Employees

1. New “I’m Feel Lucky” search bar on YouTube delivers photo of founders’ Chad Hurley and Steve Chen holding giant oversized $1.6-Billion check

Reportedly, Google’s SEC filing states their purchase of YouTube was strictly done to bust News Corp., as well as MySpace and Fox News, owner Rupert Murdoch’s balls

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