Friday, December 29, 2006

Developing Story - Self-Admitted Killer Offers Details of Friendship With ‘Godfather of Soul’

Former Ramsey Suspect Claims Was With James Brown In Final Hours

Says Longtime Friend, Confidant of Legendary Singer; Plans Were To Make Young Ramsey Girl “Princess of Soul”

In a confusing, wild and rambunctious press conference, former JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect John Mark Karr claims he was with legendary soul singer James Brown in the final hours before his death.

Brown passed away Christmas Day, in Atlanta, from severe pneumonia and heart failure.

Thousands of fans lined the streets of Harlem, NY yesterday, to pay tribute to the man dubbed “The Godfather of Soul”.

Wearing his now-trademark polo shirt, buttoned to the top, with high-waist trousers, Karr further stated that “The Godfather and I were close, very close ... I always called him Godfather ... He liked that.”

“He just whispered "I'm going away tonight" and then took three long breaths and closed his eyes”, said Karr. “It was so sweet ... he was such a sweet man.”

Says Career Plans For Ramsey Girl Were Laid Out

In another bombshell announcement, Karr also stated that he, and Mr. Brown were to groom and train the young Ramsey girl into “a blossoming star”.

“We had it all planned out,” smiled Karr. “Godfather was so impressed with her talent and insisted that she become “the Princess of Soul. There would be records and television specials ... movies ... Godfather and I was going to pull out all the stops to push JonBenet to the top.”

Karr said that singing and dancing lessons were planned, and the Brown was working on special arrangements of his songs for Ms. Ramsey.

“No American Idol for our little girl. She was going to debut at the Apollo Theatre, just like Godfather did.”

Former Murder Suspect Also Claims Friendship With Saddam Hussein

Karr was at the center of attention into the decade-old, unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

Earlier this year, Karr, while in Thailand, came forward after a length investigation, saying that he was with the young Ramsey girl and “accidentally killed” her, setting of a conflagration of media coverage, with Karr, seemingly, basking in the media spotlight.

Karr was subsequently extradited to Colorado, where, after further investigation and DNA testing, was deemed to be lying and not the long-sought murderer. Charges against Karr were soon dropped.

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for Mr. Brown refuted Karr’s claim, saying that only a few family members, doctors and nurses were with the singer in his final moments.

When challenged, Karr simply bowed his head, and on the verge of tears, mumbled “I was with him ... I know I was with him.”

Karr, after regaining his composure, said that he would soon be off, traveling to Baghdad, Iraq, to be with another good friend in his final hours, Saddam Hussein.

“The General - he liked it when I called him that - and I have been very close.” Karr said softly. “I’m going to miss him."

First it was the late JonBenet Ramsey. Now, former self-admitted suspect John Mark Karr lays claim to being a close friend, and with him in his final hours before death, the "Godfather of Soul", James Brown

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