Friday, December 29, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard During The NSC Meeting At President’s Crawford Ranch

News Item: Bush Deciding Iraq Policy at Texas Ranch

10. Forget using New Orleans again to give the speech ... Edwards just announced for 2008 down there this morning

9. Yeah, look at this ... Tell me the President isn’t regifting again this year....

8. Let’s say, hypothetically, if Bush resigned, I don’t know I could trust Cheney to give him a pardon

7. Be careful after the meeting ... Bush is going to try to sucker you into helping wack weeds around the ranch

6. We get Donald Trump involved in the Economic Package... Have him run an “Apprentice Iraq” thing that will create hundreds of jobs

5. Gates, you’re the rookie here, so its on you to go make the taco run ...

4. I’m sorry Mr. President, you can’t release the new Iraq Strategy via Signing Statement, you have to do it with a public speech

3. After we get the strategy settled, let’s stick around and brainstorm a little on how we can get Condi a husband

2. Excuse me Mr. Vice President ... As we mentioned twice already, we’re here today to discuss Iraq, not Iran

1. How much longer do we have to keep up the appearance we’re that we’re really paying attention to the Iraq Study Groups’ Report?

President Bush indicated, with his hands, on just how close he is to coming up with a new strategy for Iraq

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