Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Other Surprising Things Found With Microsoft’s New Windows Vista Software

News Item: Vista Flaw Discovered, Risk Believed Low

10. All on his own, Donald Trump announced he’s giving Microsoft a second chance with Vista, which you can see on his “Apprentice” show next month

9. In conjunction with the release, Microsoft suing the City of Chula Vista, so product isn’t associated with “the Cleveland of California”

8. Promises LonelyGirl15 that with Vista, she won’t be lonely any longer

7. Knowing Microsoft’s history, Apple launching a “Frequent Crash Points” program to PC Users; Possible to earn enough to get a Mac

6. While Russian Hackers may be able to break into Vista, Microsoft assuring that there is no threat of Polonium 210 poisoning

5. Former President Ford tried to hang on for the Vista release, but the delays were too much

4. Rep Tom Tancredo (R-CO) misheard the news and has already prepared legislation to shut down Microsoft so they don’t make “Visas for illegal aliens available on the Internet”

3. White House staff had a pool going on what would come first - The release of Vista or Bush’s new Iraq Strategy

2. Bugs and flaws are guaranteed to have you throwing chairs and cursing just like Steve Ballmer

1. Code written into Vista that sends all your data directly to NSA, so they don’t have to bother with the FISA Court or take the time and trouble to tap into you

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