Friday, March 09, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Ways Scooter Libby May Get A Pardon

News Item: The Problem With Pardoning Libby

10. White House talking with Donald Trump, about launching Apprentice Convicts, where all participants are felons and winning team gets pardons

9. A Shoot-Out, for all the marbles, with soccer star David Beckham

8. Set Condi Rice up with a husband, Bush will give him two pardons!

7. Suddenly remember "I was at a Dodger game", comb through 'Curb Your Enthusiam' footage to prove it, and the pardon writes itself

6. Rounding up any photos of Newt Gingrich, while he was having his affair during the Clinton investigation, and Scooter can write his own pardon

5. So many people calling for the pardon - including his jurors - President Bush migh want to see what the ol' Magic 8-Ball has to say

4. Libby urged to go on American Idol; Instead of winning recording contract, he gets the pardon

3. Hmmm, this new FBI Records scandal scandal might be just the ticket to discover something new that we can use to justify pardon

2. Get back to writing, come up with a storyline that will bring Captain America back to life so he can join Batman in fighting the terrorists and the entire nation will offer a pardon

1. At White House Easter Egg Hunt this year, there could be one, very special egg with Libby's name on it

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Guess Libby's Pardon Date, Win a T-Shirt

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