Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bad Day At Black Rock

We got a little movie theme going today with our titles, so, no, this isn't about the tremendous Spencer Tracy movie.

It's about Wal-Mart.

You know them - The mega-enormous company that had a certain Presidential Candidate as a board member (H/T to Barry Crimmins)

They're going to have to shelve that annoying little, flying, yellow smiling face for awhile.

Yesterday was a bummer for them.

First, they lost in court;

Judge blesses "Wal-Qaeda," "Walocaust" anti-Wal-Mart Web sites

Fortunately a federal judge in Atlanta had sense enough to strike down the suit. "The fact that the real Wal-Mart name and marks are strong and recognizable makes it unlikely that a parody -- particularly one that calls to mind the genocide of millions of people, another that evokes the name of a notorious terrorist organization ... will be confused with Wal-Mart's real products," wrote U.S. District Judge Timothy C. Batten Sr.

As the AP points out, the judge also noted that very few people were even interested in Smith's charming work: He has only sold 62 T-shirts, 15 of them to Wal-Mart's law firms.
Who knew they didn't have a sense-of-humor?

So, as the wallowed in their sorrows, trudging back from the court, who drops another, well-earned, bucket of you-know-what on them?

Keith Olbermann.

Wal-Mart - emphatically - earned the title of 'Worst Person in the World' last evening

Wal-Mart sues disabled former employee
March 26: Worst: A Wal-Mart employee got into a truck accident – then sued and won. But now, wheelchair-bound and brain damaged, she’s being sued by her employer. It turns out there’s fine print in the company health plan.

Oh yeah, Olbermann later added this this poor woman got the news last week (if she could understand it) that her son was killed, while serving in Iraq.

Olbermann let them off easy.

Asking that "may your stores melt in the hot sun" wasn't enough

Something like this should have gotten them Worst Persons of the Year

Update ...Update

Olbermann whacked them again this evening.

He bestowed Lee Scott, Wal-Mart CEO with a "Worst Person" award, adding at the end of it "Wal-Mart ... Always low prices ... Always low humanity ..."

Bonus Wal-Mart Riffs

Wal-Mart Watch

Robert Greenwald's 'Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price'

Breaking News - White House Launches “Save The Ports, Save Claude” mission; White House Sought Deal With Target To Let Bush Aide Off; Coleman Played Point Man; Offered “Halliburton-Sized Contracts” and Would “Shut Down Wal-Mart”

Wal-Mart To Appeal $172M California Fine; Workers Will Have To Continue To Go Without Meals While Case Stays In Courts

With New War Room, Bush Calls On Wal-Mart To Join Coalition Forces; Retail Giant 'Could Outfit Millions of Troops"; Military Will Limit Benefits and Consider Waiver For Illegal Workers

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