Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Is Huge! ... Siegalman Released On Appeal!

At some point today, Karl Rove's shirt collar must have, inexplicably, tightened up on him.

Late today, perhaps the first whisps of justice finally seeped into the case of former Alabama Governor Don Siegalman;

"Thursday’s ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta said Mr. Siegelman’s larger appeal had raised “substantial questions,” and so the former governor should be released from the federal prison where he has already served nine months of a seven-year sentence.
Well, that, pretty much, makes mincemeat out of the joke-of-a-trial-judge, Judge Mark E. Fuller.

Fuller, among other things during the trial, refused to grant Governor Siegalman bond, so he could be out of prison for his appeal (not to mention whisking him immediately to jail right from the courtroom, not giving the Governor the typical month, or so, to report to prison)

It's far from over, however, it loosens up a few bricks in that wet dream, one-party rule that railroaded Siegalman, with brick dust leaving a trail that goes all the way back to the Bush Grindhouse.

Here's some links to check out - and stay tuned to this, it could end up being a blockbuster that shreds any possible legacy of the thugs of the Bush Regime

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