Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Oh ... THAT Conspiracy ..."

Or: Being Hillary Clinton

The Hillary Clinton run for the Presidency is getting stranger by the minute.

She seems determined to live up to the Samantha Powers-bestowed moniker of "monster".

I half expect it to burst open, that screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, and director Spike Jonze have teamed up again, and have been making a movie "Being Hillary Clinton".

Yes, I know the thought of that, of being "in there", inside Hillary's head, is thoroughly, skin-crawling, creepy, and that may offer some (certainly not all) explanation.

But they could keep the element of, when ejected from Hillary Clinton, you still get dumped off in New Jersey (or perhaps, they can tailor it to Hillary, and you are rudely exited in Arkansas).

When we posted last evening (see "Classic Clinton - Or: Hillary, Unwittingly, Cuts An Army Commercial"), we did note and link to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, for Hillary's kitchen-sink-trashing of Obama, but it wasn't until watching the replay of 'Countdown, with Keith Olbermann' that our mathematics skills kicked back in, allowing a recovery and the ability to add up two-plus-two.

There it came out that the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is owned by, none other than, Richard Mellon Scaife.


Josh Marshall, from TPM, hits it good;

"This alone has to amount to some sort cosmic encounter like something out of a Wagner opera. Remember, this is the guy who spent millions of dollars puffing up wingnut fantasies about Hillary's having Vince Foster whacked and lots of other curdled and ugly nonsense. Scaife was the nerve center of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Those of us who spent years defending the Clintons from all that malarkey learned this point on day one."
And this, from Wikipedia;
"Regardless of his role, the project not only accused Clinton of financial and sexual indiscretions (some later verified, others not), but also gave root to hyperbolic conspiracist notions that the Clintons collaborated with the CIA to run a drug smuggling operation out of the town of Mena, Arkansas and that Clinton had arranged for the murder of White House aide Vince Foster as part of a cover-up of the Whitewater scandal."

I believe we can safely speculate that Barack Obama will not book himself on Sean Hannity's show this evening, to go tit-for-tat with Hillary, or phone into Rush Limbaugh, to make his case - again - about Reverend Wright.

And we really have to watch this, to see if there was a Quid Pro Quo for Hillary's sitdown with Scaife, if there was a deal made.

If we see something in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, or should start hearing whispers, random postings or comments on some of the Dittohead, Freak Show blogs, that Reverend Jeremiah Wright killed Vince Foster - and Obama knew about but didn't say anything - we'll know why Hillary did the interview.

At least presently, even the Rightwing Freak Show is stunned by this.

In a recent Garlic Survey Poll, on Hillary's Campaign slogans (H/T to Barry Crimmins), the winner was "Keep Hopelessness Alive!".

Boy, does she ever look to be living up to that.

Word is out that Hillary is, or, is about to, employ the Tonya Harding Option.

We go from kitchen sinks to lead pipes.

Is this the new Clinton strategy, she's going to run the Elements Chart on Obama?

Will Bunch, of Attytood offers a "Being Hillary Clinton" view of that;
"I'm afraid that's really hitting the nail right on the kneecap. Of course with the Tonya Harding option, none of the Democrats wins and -- as Tapper notes -- John McCain becomes Oksana Baiul. Does this also mean that Hillary turns up later in celebrity boxing matches?"

Hmmm ... Hillary Clinton versus Tonya Harding ... Hillary can utilize her dash-and-dodge skills she honed in Bosnia, I suppose, to avoid being hit

But, I would bet it will never happen.

To many people would line up to kneecap both of them.

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