Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Sweet Smell of Success

No, not the awesome movie.

It appears that the Pentagon has adopted the Hillary Clinton Campaign strategy, of, well, making up the benchmark of success as you go along.

Exhibit A - Pentagon says new Iraq fighting arises from surge's success

The Pentagon on Wednesday said an eruption of violence in southern Iraq, where US-backed government forces were battling Shiite militias, was a "by-product of the success of the surge."

Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said it showed that the Iraqi government and security forces were now confident enough to take the initiative against Shiite extremists in the southern port of Basra.

Morrell, however, disputed suggestions that the fighting showed the risks of drawing down US "surge" forces.

"This has just begun this week," he said. "But I think at this early stage, it looks as though it is a by-product of the success of the surge," referring to the sharp hike in US troops in Iraq from earlier last year to quell violence.

"I think they would tell you just the opposite: that this is a sign that the Iraqi security forces are now capable of confronting, fundamentally, their problems," he said.
Got that?

Silly us.

We believed, as we were told, by The Commander Guy himself, that the Bush Grindhouse Surge Policy was to end the violence and give the Iraqi Government the time and space to get their business done.

Now it comes out, that it was merely a confidence-building exercise.

We just had to be patient, so the Iraqi Security forces were "capable of confronting, fundamentally, their problems."

And, the biggest surprise of all, the the Surge was really designed to increase the violence, to turn the dial up!

Brandon Frasier, over on VetVoice was knocked out by it;

"That's some impressive spin, if you ask me. Takes balls to get up there in front of the media--and the world for that matter--and tell everyone that the conflagration we're on the verge of witnessing is due to how awesome we are."

Michael Stickings, at The Reaction, says it's a sign that "Iraq returns to "normal".

The only thing left now is to wait for John McCain to ride in, and explain to us who was training who for this.

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