Monday, May 12, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard At Jenna Bush's Wedding

News Item: Jenna Bush wedding is a First Family affair

10. Rumor has it, the twins got so trashed, they popped out of the cake at the Bachelor's party

9. We're in Crawford, I thought the President would be in his brush-clearing clothes

8. Someone said he's introducing himself as "Commander Guy of the Bride"

7. Do you believe that Jack Abramoff sent an ashtray he made in prison as a wedding gift

6. I don't see a lapel pin on the President, do you?

5. I heard Bill O'Reilly sent a case of loofahs, with the Fox News logo on them

4. Make yourself scarce ... Rumor has it Cheney wants to go hunting in the morning

3. I don't know how appropriate it is for Condi Rice to be wearing those boots...

2. I heard more than a few people used those Bush Coins to put in their gift envelopes

1. Did you catch the friends of the groom? ... Did you see them roll out a banner - "Mission Accomplished" - right after the I Do's?

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