Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hmmm ... A Sign of Things To Come?

This was rather interesting.

Is it a fluke, a convenience of schedule, somebody they grabbed at the last minute?

Or, is it a sign of the post-Russert-influence of NBC/MSNBC news?

We speak of Amy Goodman's appearance on Chris Matthew's 'Hardball' last evening, where she whiffed Heidi Harris on three pitches, in a discussion of whether woman will vote for Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain.

Now Amy Goodman has been on MSNBC in the past, but about as often as Keith Olbermann compliments Bill O'Reilly, so it was rather jarring to see her pop on the screen.

And, as you will see, she made mincemeat of Harris, seemingly, to the approval of Tweety, himself

Democracy Now! On Hardball_08_Women Voters

Check out, as well, Oregon Rep. Chip Shields' post, "Amy Goodman breaks through. Kicks ass".

If you're not hip to Amy Goodman, jump on over to Democracy Now, and do so ...

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