Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yoo Hooey

No, were not trying to get the Bush Grindhouse Chief Torturer's attention.

We're calling him out with the "hooey", as in "nonsense" or "bullshit"

A simple analogy would be to say this is like hiring Willie Sutton as a bank guard.

It's pretty remarkable, with their lies being exposed, with their Neocon policies in shreds, with continually being rebuked by the courts, that people still pay these people to repeat and rehash the same lies.

John "It's Not Torture, It's Enhanced Interrogation" Yoo graces the pages of Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal today

The Supreme Court Goes to War

Last week's Supreme Court decision in Boumediene v. Bush has been painted as a stinging rebuke of the administration's antiterrorism policies. From the celebrations on most U.S. editorial pages, one might think that the court had stopped a dictator from trampling civil liberties. Boumediene did anything but. The 5-4 ruling is judicial imperialism of the highest order.

Ahhh, wrong, right there, in the first paragraph, Johnny Boy.

The Supreme Court decision only slowed down the Dictator, or Emperor, you know, the one you aided and enabled.

This same of long streak of stagnated piss (love that line, from the tremendous Bob Hoskins film, 'The Long Good Friday') that has trampled - and all but destroyed - civil liberties.

The one, who today, deems criticism as "slandering America", while his Mini-Me falls completely in step.

And here's what these Nitwitcons are hanging on to;
The only real hope of returning the Supreme Court to its normal wartime role rests in the November elections. Sometimes it is difficult to tell Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain apart on issues like campaign finance or global warming. But they have real differences on Supreme Court appointments. Mr. Obama had nothing but praise for Boumediene, while Mr. McCain attacked it and promised to choose judges like Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, both dissenters.

Because of the advancing age of several justices (Justice Stevens is 88, and several others are above 70), the next president will be in a position to appoint a new Court that can reverse the damage done to the nation's security.

Here's a couple of other smackdowns of John "It's Not Torture, It's Enhanced Interrogation" Yoo;

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Cernig: The Biggest Lie Yoo Told

Also, a good one from Sadly No: Nightmare on Gitmo Street

Just remember, if you vote for Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain, you are asking to keep this crap going.

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