Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Ways Obama Campaign Can Re-Introduce Michelle Obama

News Item: Michelle Obama Looks for a New Introduction

10. Have her do a memorial dance tribute to Cyd Charisse

9. Start rumors that she's in line to be next Moderator of Meet The Press

8. Place her in the Boston Celtics Rolling Rally and have her lead chant "Where is Kobe ... Where is Kobe"

7. For the July 4th holiday, set Michelle up in largest country fair, in a Fist Bump Booth

6. Have her start blogging, she quotes Associated Press content, they go after her, and she leads the Blogosphere to victory over the AP

5. To win over hardcore, Ron Paul rightwingers, have her chase Sean Hannity through parking lot

4. Tell 'The View' they have to dump Whoopie Goldberg and replace her with Michelle

3. Have her in a "Bake-Off" with Cindy McCain, only Michelle will use her own, un-plagiarized recipes

2. Announce Michelle will take over the rest of the years' tour schedule for Tiger Woods

1. If all else fails, one word - Rehab!

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