Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Retro Garlic: Someone Teach Arianna Huffington How To Use Google

I had a brief moment today, of feeling like the geeky guy, Riley, in 'National Treasure', that has the answer to a question of which neither of his two, more intelligent colleagues has, for the first (and, only) time in the movie.

The daily Huffington Post Daily Brief dropped in and, I see this headline;

John McCain: The Second Coming of Bob Dole

Hmmm ... That sounds mighty familiar ...

It linked to the post, by Arianna Huffington, "John McCain's Flashback Campaign", in which she, of course, paints Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain with the Bob Dole brush.

Again, this was today.

The Retro Part?
Wednesday, January 30, 2008 - The Bob Dole For The New Millennium

Now, maybe she was real busy, and threw that post together on-the-fly.

But I'd like to think that she, or perhaps an assistant did a Google Search, you know, to see if there were any other John McCain-Is-Bob-Dole posts out there.

No, no references in her post to any.

Gee, how's about a tag, there, princess ... How much of an effort would that have taken?

Oh well ...

Bonus HuffPo Riffs

Breaking News! GM Cancels UAW In Favor of Adopting Huffington Post Business Model; Celebrities, Auto Enthusiasts and Bloggers To Build Cars For Free; Huge Spike In Profits Forecast

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