Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday 4 April 2005

Special Pope Coverage

Who Gets Nod For Next Pope?
Conclave Wide Open; Third World, Koppel, Buchanan, Schwarzenegger On Short List

As the solemn pomp of the funeral of Pope John Paul II takes place this week, the Vatican is preparing for the College of Cardinals to convene soon after the funeral on Friday to begin the conclave and electing a new pope.

While speculation is high on a Third World candidate to emerge, a Vatican insider has told The Garlic that Pope John Paul II left instructions and suggestions for them to be 'far-reaching and open-minded' in their deliberations, even to "go outside".

And, in the suggestions left by John Paul II, a short list of candidates included ABC News' Ted Koppel, conservative commentator, Pat Buchanan and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The appearance of Koppel on the list fuels speculation of his recently announced retirement from ABC News at the end of this year.
It was well know that Pope John Paul II admired Koppel and often watched Koppel's 'Nightline' program while having his breakfast.
John Paul felt that Koppel would be well-suited for the new Media age of the papacy.

With Buchanan on the list, many Vatican veterans believe this is to appease the hardliners. Also, in his favor is Buchanan's experience in the Nixon White House. This is said to bolster Buchanan's chances, of working with a large administration such as the office of the Pope, and the requisite politics involved.

Governor Schwarzenegger is an old friend of the Pope John Paul II and speculation is that Schwarzenegger is mounting a behind-the-scenes effort to be considered by the conclave. He knows his chances of being allowed to run for, and be elected, for the Presidency of the United States is slim and needs something large beyond California to fulfill his ambitions. That Schwarzenegger is a native European, from Austria, works in his favor.

The Vatican did announce that they have turned down Ralph Nadar's request to be allowed to be included in the cardinal's conclave and debates.

Special Pope-Cam Gives Round-The-Clock Coverage

The electronic vigil last week, and now the coverage of the solemn events taking place this week of the death of Pope John Paul II aren't being shot with any just network pool camera. It's brought to you by the Pope-Cam.

The Pope-Cam was the brainchild of Pope John XXIII, back in October 1962. In calling for the ecumenical council to consider measures for renewal of the church in the modern world in what came be known as Vatican II. Pope John XXIII saw the medium of television as a means to be transparent and, to extend the reach of the Catholic Church.

His intentions to broadcast the council's meetings were ultimately blocked by older, hardline bishops, but the camera equipment stayed.

It got a workout in October of 1965, with the travels of Pope Paul VI, on this trip to the United States. The Pope-Cam was used to broadcast the special mass from Yankee Stadium.

With is elevation to Pope in 1978, Pope John Paul II made extensive use of the Pope-Cam with his world travels, capturing the historic moments of his visits to the Mid-East and, was there, and very instrumental in the subsequent investigation, of the assassination attempt made on John Paul II.

Since Pope John XXIII, each new pope has offered a annual blessing of the Pope-Cam and a Vatican spokesperson indicated they suspect that will continue when John Paul II's successor is named in the coming weeks.

Frist Concurs With Vatican Diagnosis

Viewed Videotape of Papal Apartment For Hours

Senator Bill Frist is batting two-for-two.

After boasting of, in his own opinion, the correct diagnosis for the late Terri Schiavo, Frist indicated on Monday that he concurred with the Vatican doctors as to the health status and treatment of Pope John Paul II

Frist stated he viewed the coverage of the Papal apartment all weekend. He watched the live coverage late last week and, had his staff Tivo all the network and cable outlets broadcasts so he could get "a full picture" of the Pope's failing health.

In a statement released from his office, Frist said;

"I sat for hours, watching the video of that Papal apartment and it was so clear to me, the Pope had kidney and cardio-vascular failure. Those two lights shining offered a great deal of information, and when they put on the third light, I knew that was trouble".

Frist, a former doctor, a heart and lung specialist, first used his unique talents in diagnosis of Terri Schiavo, from four-year-old videotape. Frist, along with House Leader Tom DeLay, led the Senate effort in drafting and passing a bill in an effort to reverse court decisions and reconnect the feeding tubes to Ms. Schiavo.

"It was good for me to have fresh videotape in this case with the Pope".

Frist went on to say in his statement that there was no need for Senate intervention with the Pope. Frist indicated that there was clear and compelling evidence that the Pope had personally stated his wishes and, that there was not a Bush family member who was elected to office within the Vatican, making it more difficult to take action, if necessary.

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