Thursday, June 30, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Ways The Army Met Recruiting Goals For First Time Since January

10. Army recruiters able to wear their softer, summer wardrobe

9. All get a roster spot on the Washington Nationals upon completion of their tour of duty

8. Change of rules that will allow large dice and bobble-head dogs on Humvee dashboards

7. Two Words - Free Tattoos

6. Bicycles - Just like the one the President rides

5. New recruits get to use Dick Cheney's secret bunker for one weekend, per-year

4. Took potential recruits to Gitmo, for lunch, and told them all Army lunches are as good

3. For those high-strung recruits, promise of easy duty - Sentry post on Airport Road in Baghdad

2. The Bonus Pool is now in the millions for whoever finds those Weapons of Mass Destruction

1. No worries, insurgence in final throes … Told'em they'll be home for Christmas

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Anonymous said...

jt: that's a very funny list. sending to army brat.