Monday, August 08, 2005

News In Brief - 8 August 2005

Bolton Defends Novak

Laments Not Using Same Tactic, Cussing With Senate Panel

The new, recessed-appointed U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, came out yesterday and defended columnist Robert Novak, who last week swore on-air and walked off a set of a CNN program.

"I've know Bob for many years", said recessed-appointed Ambassador Bolton, "And he's a stand-up kind of guy."

Bolton also admitted, that after seeing the video of the incident, which occurred last Thursday on the CNN program, 'Inside Politics', that "it hit me upside the head".

"I could have done exactly that at my Senate Hearings. Just blast'em … Rip'em a new one … I mean, it's not like it would be anything new for me. I've blown people apart for far less than that."

"I called Bob and told him not to apologize. In fact, he should get himself on more programs and level the same at all those liberal pansies."

Senator Joe Biden (D-MD), a leading opponent of Bolton's nomination in the Senate said, after being apprised of the recessed-appointed Ambassador's comments;

"I'm kinda surprised he didn't do that."

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