Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Ways Jeanine Pirro Thinks She Can Beat Hillary

10. Open a Krispy Kreme franchise next to Bill Clinton's office

9. Find out if the Swift Boat Veterans work state elections

8. Go on 60 Minutes with her husband and stand behind him, despite his crimes

7. During first debate, ask Hillary about pro bono work she's done for gay rights advocates

6. Have Karl Rove plant stories that the Clinton's are investors in the Grand Theft Auto videogame

5. Seduce Bill Clinton and splash photos across New York Post

4. Get Robert Novak to say Hillary is "bullshit"

3. Well, first, for the primary, needs Rove to plant stories that Ed Cox is gay

2. In second debate, ask Hillary to explain why she endorses searching all NYC subway riders

1. Lean on RNC to get Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris to send her the 2000 Election playbook

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