Monday, August 08, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Signs That Your University Is Insulting Native Americans

10. "Buffalo Burgers" in school cafeteria "just like on the reservation"

9. Friday rallies on-campus are billed as "pow-wows"

8. Football's teams Indian mascot asks real Native Americans if he can "hang around with them" to pick up some tips

7. Having Univeristy President brag about Cigar Store Indian statue in his office doesn't reflect school values very well

6. No one with University of Illinois can document they've seen a Illini fighting

5. Shapeshifting is a new, no-credits aeorbics course

4. American History professor gets paper published, defending his theory that Custer beat Indians and lived long life

3. Totem Pole celebrating basketball team's 35-game win streak is really insulting on a number of levels

2. Giving Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels honorary degrees doesn't really count for anything

1. Crazy Horse is the name of the campus nightclub

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