Monday, October 31, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: How President Bush Spent His Weekend At Camp David

10. Badgered Harriet Miers, hounding her if she still thought he was the "greatest"

9. Made a dent in all the DVD's his staff prepared so he could catch up on what was happening in the news

8. Called Bill Frist to get some new, fresh stock tips

7. Heard about Hurricane Beta and worried if FEMA was going to screw that one up too

6. Looked over his "Who's Going To Piss Off The Democrats" Supreme Court Nominee list

5. Practiced, over-and-over, saying "Who is this Libby guy?"

4. Had Andy Card contact Ashton Kutcher to see if he could "Punk" this Special Prosecutor fellow

3. Called Dick Cheney and inquired who was this Valerie Plame woman and why all the fuss over her

2. Asked Karl Rove, on the "QT" to start preparing some smears on Dick Cheney

1. Kept having staff explain this "moving clocks back" thing; Thought it was "Spring Back/Fall Forward"

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