Friday, November 04, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Things Aaron Brown Is Considering Now That He's Been Ousted From CNN

10. Practice his lying and stonewalling while waiting patiently for Scott McClellan to either resign or be fired

9. See if NBC's show, "Three Wishes" can give him any help

8. Call Karl Rove and see if he'd be interested in smearing Anderson Cooper

7. Edit resume to higlight he anchored, for days, Sept 11th coverage, and not some little hurricane like Cooper

6. Get his own radio show, syndicated column and let Bush Administration now he's available to promote any of their policies

5. Become a Chicago (ding-a-ling) weatherman

4. Since it seems to be working for Judy Miller's career, see if Special Prosecutor will put him in jail over his notes on CIA Leak

3. Memo: Check with CIA, see if they need some PR help for the secret prison system

2. Look to see if he can catch on with Fox News so he can smear Anderson Cooper himself

1. Apply for FEMA Director's Job; Qualifications aren't any worse then Mike Brown's

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