Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Things Said During the Closed Senate Session On Tuesday

10. Shouldn't Cheney be here? Anybody got the number to the secret bunker?

9. When do the bring in the beer and pretzels?

8. Okay, the only square left in the pool is that Libby gets 18-months

7. I can guarantee you Mr. Reid, nobody in here is "Official A"

6. This is an an affront to me personally, our leadership, the American people, my stockbroker and my blind trust!

5. Senator Roberts, you can't tell us again, that you left the paperwork in your other briefcase, back in Kansas!

4. I heard the Gift Bags for this Closed Session are killer - and they have gas coupons!

3. You sure Anna Nicole Smith is going to believe this is a real Senate hearing?

2. Harry, you can keep us in here all week, we just can't override the President, bring back and nominate Harriet Miers

1. Point of Order - Is this really Rule 21 or are the Bush people pulling another terrorist alert?

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