Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard At The Oscar Nominations This Morning

10. How many more years, you think, before Oscar Night is totally digital and we can all stay home?

9. Anybody hear about the conservatives running another "Justice Sunday" on March 5th?

8. We'll probably have to endure Phoenix and Witherspoon singing live that night

7. I think it's pretty cruel, making all the former child actor stars have chaperones … You think the academy would change the rules

6. With all the gay movies nominated, maybe they should get Jeff Gannon to be the host this year, instead of Jon Stewart

5. Christ, Clooney's head is so big now, they can strap a camera on it and get arial shots of the red carpet

4. Any truth that Bush is going to get a special Oscar, for Best Performance of a Lying President In A Supporting Role?

3. I heard that everyone that gets nominated this year gets a scrambler for their phones to beat the NSA wiretapping

2. Hustle & Flow - is that a movie or something to do with Vice President Dick Cheney?

1. Is it true this year, the Oscar statues is going to come with Google Ads running down its' right side?

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