Saturday, February 04, 2006

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 4 February 2006

An Inspector General's report is critical of the White House, for their pilfering of a State Department's Wide Screen Satellite Monitor, used for live link-ups with ambassadors and envoys overseas, in order for President Bush and other staff members to watch this weekend's Super Bowl

Bullfighting fans are calling for action, as they say the sport have become "a joke" with the rise in use of steroids by matadors

Fox News Host and Westwood Radio personality Bill O'Reilly has unveiled his new "Talking Points Memo Loofa Hat", available in different colors and only at his on-line store.

O'Reilly says all profits will go towards "fighting the scurrilous attacks on me by Keith Olbermann and MSNBC"

Actor Jon Voight has received a "cease-and-desist" letter from the Vatican, directing the actor to "stop walking around, saying your the Pope, offering to perform miracles, and selling sainthoods"

Voight recently portrayed Pope John Paul II in a television movie

The FAA is looking into charges that airlines are filling in unused seats with the transportation of deceased persons, in what one inspector says could be a scheme of trading "bodies for jet fuel"

U2 founder and world activist Bono called a press conference this week to express his "profound disappointment" with being "red-carded" and banned from the upcoming 2006 World Cup tournament


c said...

ha! bono red carded :=) he probably cursed out the ref. but don't tell larry mullen that bono founded u2......

Anonymous said...

Well you wouldn't expect the leader of the free world to watch the super bowl on a regular old tv, now would you?

But if they really needed one that badly, why didn't Abramoff buy one for them? I mean if you're trading off favors and policy for money, why not toss in a tv?