Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Axis of Evil Update

Axis of Evil Update
It's Sheehan; Anti-War Mom Makes Axis of Evil List

Down To Minutes Before Speech, Sheehan Arrested, Removed From House Chamber

Anit-War protest mom Cindy Sheehan has made President Bush's Axis of Evil List, after weeks of agonizing research by the White House.

It is Sheehans' first appearance on the list and, she is the first individual person to make the cut.

As reported reported by The Garlic last week, the White House was struggling with the 2006 Axis of Evil List.

Iraq was being decertified, now with their switch to the administration's vision of a functioning democracy, with a small ceremony held before the President's State of the Union Address last evening.

Iran and North Korea, once again, maintained there placement on the list, and, the White House announced, for the first time in his term, the President was allowing individual persons or corporations to be ellligible.

Holly Martins, Publisher of Axis of Evil Illustrated, a quarterly publication, speculated that if could come down to minutes for the speech for the White House to complete the list and that's almost exactly what played out.

In Washington yesterday, for the "People's State of the Union Address", Ms. Sheehan was given a ticket to the speech by California Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey.

Ms. Sheehan had been wearing a "Killed In Action" t-shirt, that read :2245 Dead.

After taking her seat in the balcony of the House Chamber, Ms. Sheehan, as she was removing her jacket, was declared by House Security as a "protester" and quickly, and roughly, hustled out of the chamber, to be handcuffed and booked.

While the President did not directly speak about his Axis of Evil, he did make references to Iran and North Korea.

It was only in a press release, following the President's Address, that the White House released the 2006 Axis of Evil List and Ms. Sheehan was listed as the third member.

"I'm not confident she'll remain on the list for very long," said Martins. We [Axis of Evil Illustrated] are not endorsing it. I'm pretty sure the PNAC doesn't have any plans involving her. It's a reach to place her on it. It's a sign the Bush people are losing focus.

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