Friday, February 03, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons Scooter Libby Is Happy With Trial Date Set For Next January

10. Another year of Bush Environmental Policies and Global Warming, DC could be flooded or snowed in next January

9. Gets to spend, at least, one more Christmas at home

8. If Republicans can hold the Congress in Fall elections, has a shot at getting case thrown out

7. Can campaign to get his book in Oprah's Book Club, go on Oprah and get public support behind him

6. Figures jurors will be in a good mood after the holidays

5. Confident Dick Cheney will now launch "New Strategy For Victory In Scooter Libby Case" plan

4. Has almost a full year to bury Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald in evidence requests that are classified documents

3. NSA has more time to sift through wiretaps on Prosecutor Fitzgerald and Libby's lawyer Ted Wells can plan better defense

2. White House has time to delete even more emails

1. Time to go out, get an iPod, play it really loud to damage his hearing and then claim he's too disabled to stand trial

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