Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons Bush, Cheney, RNC Keep Tying Saddam Hussein To al-Qaeda and 9-11

10. Just F’n kiddin’ around with Keith Olbermann

9. Cheney feels that those who don’t believe it, that “my view would be they've reached a stage of desperation from their standpoint."

8. It’s the media’s fault, they’re not reporting on any of our other lies and mistakes that have been positive and made good progress

7. Playing the odds, in case Iraqi courts finds him innocent, will extradite him here to stand trial

6. Don’t know ... People wonder what we see on our television screens that they don’t ... Just optimism, I guess

5. Keeps Dick Cheney’s mind off of hunting

4. It plays really, really good in RNC focus groups

3. Until recently, was using the 2002 Doctrine of Preemptive War and haven’t got used to the new updated one yet

2. Trying to flush out Osama bin Laden: Has intelligence it really pisses him off

1. Like Scooter Libby, too busy– Haven’t read the 9-11 Report yet

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