Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: How Freezer and Refrigerator Manufacturers Are Exploiting Congressman Jefferson’s Scandal Situation

News Item: FBI Says Jefferson Was Filmed Taking Cash

10. Working out deal with Reynolds Wrap to get bulk discount on aluminum foil

9. New, improved egg holder, large enough to hold Fabergé Eggs

8. Planning a Special Duke Cunningham Walk-In Model that can accommodate cars, boats, Oriental rugs, mirrored armoires and candelabras

7. New Designer Color – Dollar Bill Green!

6. For access to some quick cash, Lettuce Bin expanded to hold up to $15,000

5. Optional “No Defrost - Self-Cleaning” models to come with private bank account in Cayman Islands

4. Attempting to get Jefferson, and other Congressman to keep freezer in office, so, in next FBI raid, can get video of it being carried out

3. Built-in water and ice dispensers now retooled to deliver change for $100

2. Product Placement Bonanza: Setting up meeting between Jefferson and Hollywood, so he can take over “Mr. Freeze” role in any new “ Batman” movies

1. New GE Tagline – “We Hide The Good Things In Life”

Said to be in development are cash-hiding freezers - available only to members of Congress - that come with the security of being guarded by polar bears

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