Thursday, May 25, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Ways Dick Cheney Will Get Out Of Testifying In Scooter Libby Trial

News Item: Libby Told Grand Jury Cheney Spoke of Plame; Vice President May Be Called as Witness

10. Much like the President with Jack Abramoff... Scooter who?

9. Medical Reasons: Claim infected with the Bird Flu

8. Say he’s too busy and send Katherine Armstrong to testify for him

7. Go hunting and accidentally shoot himself

6. Take Libby hunting and accidentally shoot him

5. Use his influence: Get President Bush to issue Signing Statement, contracting Justice Department to Halliburton

4. Get Attorney General Gonzales to declare Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald an “Enemy Combatant

3. Have Patrick Kennedy drive him to the courthouse

2. Fox News gives him Press Credentials and embeds him with the troops in Iraq

1. Just gets President Bush to issue the damn pardon early, so everyone can go home

Vice President Dick Cheney may claim to have Bird Flu, in order to avoid testifying in the Scooter Libby Trial

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