Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: What President Bush Is Doing About The Stolen Veterans Electronic Data

News Item: Personal Data on Veterans Is Stolen; Burglary Leaves Millions at Risk Of Identity Theft

10. Had Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez double-check that Claude Allen wasn’t involved

9. Hired a dozen new interns, to start digging through eBay

8. Opportunity to push new fear button – Make claims data not stolen, but eaten by Bird Flu Virus

7. Bringing in Ahmed Chalabi – He did so good with the WMD’s, he must surely know where the data is

6. Making Plans: If found that an undocumented, illegal immigrant is thief, ship him back home and find a patsy to blame for crime

5. Ordered NSA to wiretap 26.5-million veterans, to see if they can get any leads

4. Immediately had the White House Iraq Group start spinning a tie between the theft and the War on Terror

3. Called Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and asked him to speed up Karl Rove’s indictment, so they can bury this in the news

2. Until this matter is cleared, recommending cutting off all Veteran benefits

1. Start the invasion, Iran’s gone too far this time!

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