Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 30 July 2006

A new cable report from the U.S. Embassy in
Baghdad says that the situation continues to deteriorate, with even pets are being targeted by the insurgency

Sources tell The Garlic that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda have filed suit in International Court against Hezbollah, for Copyright Infringement on using videotape releases about their past or future terrorist attacks and are asking the court to issue an immediate Cease-and-Desist order, as well as seeking unspecified damages

Oliver Stone, whose new film, “World Trade Center”, opens this month, announced his next project will be on the life of former Enron Chairman Ken Lay, and, more specifically, the controversy and conspiracy theories surrounding Lay's recent death

Sources close to Stone say he's found something in a piece of footage from Lay's funeral, with the hearse, seemingly, going "back, and to the left"

The U.S. Border Patrol say that the finalists are down to two, in their competitive bid process to outsource border security

Tina Fey announced this past week that she is leaving her post as Head Writer for "Saturday Night Live", to take an acting role as a Head Writer in a new sit-com, "30 Rock" that will debut this Fall on NBC

Fey said the role "isn't much of a stretch" and that "There'll be no pressure to write good material - much like my last job"

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