Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things President Bush Is Thinking About With The News Of Castro’s Illness

News Item: Ailing Castro Transfers Powers

10. Better call Procurement and order a bunch of picture frames ... When Castro dies, we’ll want to plaster his face all over the place, just like Zarqawi..

9. I wonder if he’s giving the brother that solid gold telephone, like they showed in that Godfather movie

8. Let’s get Alberto to have someone look into any connection to Castro and the Mel Gibson thing ... We might be able to swing the West Coast Cubans to our side

7. Condi ... Forget about the cease-fire stuff and come on over here and play me a little something with a Cuban tinge to it

6. Better get the Congress to ready another tax break... I feel a economic boost coming - and with a whole bunch of Cuban cigars coming this way ..

5. I wonder if Lieberman will put in papers to run Cuba?

4. . If it meant spreading freedom and democracy throughout Cuba, I’d give’em a belly kiss

3. Hmmm ,,, Maybe I should get the Joint Chiefs and Cabinet together ... While Castro is down, we might be able to spin this thing again and tie Cuba into Sept 11th and WMD’s

2. Let’s beef up the Absentee Ballot rules in our favor ... If I come out and push democracy for Cuba, we’re likely to lose hundreds-of-thousands of voters in Little Havana, ‘cause they’ll want to go home ...

1. Transferring power to his brother ... Hmmm ... Of course! ... That’s what we do for Jeb in ’08... I just transfer my power to him

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