Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Minced Garlic Redux! ... New Keith Olbermann Special Comment - 'Have you no sense of decency, sir?'

Minced Garlic Redux! ... New Keith Olbermann Special Comment, - 'Have you no sense of decency, sir?'

This Time, Slapping Down The Decider, Himself

He didn’t get around to his version of “my sister, my daughter” until near the end of the speech today, going heavy with the early stages of linking Al Qaeda with ... drum roll, please ... Iran (okay, act surprised if you run into him)

President Bush today continued the latest theme, speaking before the Military Officers Association of America, a deck so stacked it would have made Huey Long tear up with pride.

The theme, of course is All Things Nazi!

Okay, we all know, by know, what Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld spewed last week (Oh no, I’m appeasing right now) , comparing critics of the Administration, and/or the War In Iraq as the equivalent to the appeasers of the Nazi’s ...

Soooo... The Decider not only echoes his underlings conflation of the Nazis and Al Qaeda (and let’s not forget all the other Islamo-Fascists) with this head shaker;

In the 1920s, a failed Austrian painter published a book in which he explained his intention to build an Aryan super-state in Germany and take revenge on Europe and eradicate the Jews.

The world ignored Hitler's words, and paid a terrible price.

And, in case you didn’t get the message about staying in line, Bush and his White House Neocronies threw a “Shout-Out” to the “media”, to choose their sides and write carefully, declaring

“...Bin Laden says that Al Qaida intends to launch, in his words, a media campaign to create a wedge between the American people and their government. This media campaign, bin Laden says, will send the American people a number of messages, including that their government will bring them more losses in finances and casualties. And he goes on to say that they are being sacrificed to serve the big investors, especially the Jews. Bin Laden says that, by delivering these messages, Al Qaida aims at creating pressure from the American people on the American government to stop their campaign against Afghanistan ...”

About the only thing missing from this latest Bushapalooza is a flicking montage of film running behind the President (or, whoever is the Designated Goosestepper of the Day), the images of the Pentagon, World Trade Center Towers, that ubiquitous Al Qaeda Training Film, Osama bin Laden, the dead portrait of Zarqawi, Madrid trains, London buses, USS Cole, burned out embassies, shredded Hummers on deserted Iraqi roads, etc, et al.

All of these images, but quick-cut with pieces from various works by “that failed Austrian painter’sfilmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl and, just to keep the connection going, they can title it “The Triumph of the Coalition of the Willing” (come to think of it, they can appeal to the real fringe right, as this would evoke “The Parallax View” as well)

Some of the gems of Olbermann’s ever passionate and eloquent response;

The attempt to link, by the simple expediency of one word—“media”—the honest, patriotic, and indeed vital questions and questioning from American reporters, with the evil of Al-Qaeda propaganda.

That linkage is more than just indefensible. It is un-American.

Whatever the true nature of al Qaeda and other international terrorist threats, to ceaselessly compare them to the Nazi State of Germany serves only to embolden them.

It thus becomes necessary to remind the President that his administration’s recent Nazi “kick” is an awful and cynical thing.

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President Bush spoke today before the Military Officers Association of America, a deck so stacked it would have made Huey Long tear up with pride.

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Anonymous said...

Great piece here ... You're imagery isn't that far off ("Goosesteppers" Riefenstahl,etc), considering the various locations and props (Mission Accomplished on the aircraft carrier, the big elaborate Planning For Victory stage)...

And Olbermann knocks it out of the park

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