Friday, September 08, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard At ABC Meetings About “Path To 9/11” Movie

News Item: ABC to Alter Show on Pre-9/11 Run-Up

10. I’m telling you, the guy we got to play Cheney... He’s just not evil enough

9. We have to go back and edit all the scenes with television on ... You gotta have ‘Good Morning America” playing on them

8. I think we might be able to spin a few things out of this ... Something like ‘Dancing With The Terrorists’

7. We need to get Clinton off our backs ... Get a cute, young intern to go over and talk to him

6. With the 9-11 Memorial thing stalled, maybe we win some points and offer to bring in the “Extreme Makeover” crew to help them out?

5. You mean there’s a whole book on the 9-11 findings?

4. We have to throw out the whole section we had Ann Coulter write - All she did was copy the script from “Triumph of The Will"

3. You know, we’ll get 10-times more ratings if we change it to 11-11 and run it during November Sweeps

2. Yeah, I know their on a Nazi kick, but maybe we can get one of them to plug the movie in one of their speeches

1. It worked for Katie Couric, so we have to get the Baby Suri pictures in there somewhere... It will boost the ratings, so try to get them in both nights

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