Thursday, September 07, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Problems Created With President Bush Admitting To CIA Black Site Prisons

News Item: Bush Says Detainees Will Be Tried; He Confirms Existence of CIA Prisons

10. With Pakistan not bothering to chase Al Qaeda any longer, tough and expensive to keep these illegal prisons open

9. Catching a boatload of shit from TSA and DHS; CIA and White House were seeking exemptions from rules banning shampoo and gels on those “extraordinary rendition” flights

8. CIA wasn’t ready to have it announced; Now, may have to run interrogation program out of secret, black site FEMA trailers

7. With ABC movie “The Path To 9/11” showing this weekend, Clinton even more pissed-off that he can’t use CIA prisons to slam Bush

6. Catching a boatload of shit from Katie Couric; Would have bumped the Suri Cruise Photos for a scoop like this for her CBS News debut

5. Put Vice President Cheney into a funk; He’s worried CIA will want to use his secret bunker for interrogations

4. Karl Rove has to kill the plans to continue smear of Washington Post reporter Dana Priest, who originally broke story (Rove plan not really effective, since Priest doesn’t have spouse who was former ambassador who wrote a critical Op-Ed)

3. Can’t continue using Nazi Theme in speeches, since Hitler or Lenin didn’t admit that they ran secret prisons

2. Catching a boatload of shit from Donald Rumsfeld; Says President, now, turning into an “appeaser”

1. Doesn’t have a plan if any of the Al Qaeda detainees escape Guantanamo and just happen to assassinate Fidel Castro

For President Bush, in admittting to the Secret CIA Prisons, he also disclosed that his "extraordinary renditions" flights were becoming cumbersome, as he had to seek exemptions from TSA and DHA for shampoo and gels of the suspects

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