Sunday, October 22, 2006

Huddle Up There, Fat Boy! ... The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll October 15 - October 21 2006

Huddle Up There, Fat Boy!

Well, he did surface long enough, to throw another log into the Spin Machine furnace, when he told the Talking Dirigible (Rush Limbaugh) that things we’re going “remarkably well” in Iraq.

But for the most part, since last month, when he and Rumsfeld did their Bad Cop-Bad Cop routine with the “Nazi Appeaser” smears, Vice President Richard B. Cheney has been most conspicuously out of the glare of the limelight, through the avalanche of karma hitting the White House and GOP the past few weeks.

And that left our Garlic Poll voters only the recourse of speculation, as to his whereabouts....

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll October 15 - October 21 2006

Vice President Dick Cheney, since making his “Nazi” speeches last month, as been laying low. Most likely, Cheney is...

1. On the Taxi Squad of the Washington Redskins Tally 28%

2. Practicing his Tango. Since Sarah Evans bowed out, Cheney’s been tapped for ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Tally 26%

3. Locked inside his Secret Bunker, working on the list of sanctions the Bush Administration will, covertly, bury North Korea with Tally 24%

4. Recovering from ‘Writer’s Cramp’, from all the notes he’s been making in the margins of Bob Woodward’s new book Tally 22%

This week’s Poll - With the Midterm Elections looming within the next three-weeks, and no new Iraq Strategy coming from President Bush, were likely to see the Republican candidates...

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Dick, The Magic Vice Prez

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