Thursday, October 26, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Other Harold Ford Television Ad Commercials Considered By Ken Mehlman and the RNC

News Item: The GOP's Southern Strategy Updated: Winking Blonde Bimbos and the Beating of Jungle Drums

10. Remind Tennessee about that old Henry Ford quote while showing Republican candidate Bob Corker in white, Ford convertible

9. Blatantly lie, tying him with actor Wesley Snipes in that tax fraud case

8. Run a commercial in which, mistakenly, of course, image of Willie Horton appears, instead of Harold Ford

7. Run clip of Bush 41 saying “little brown ones” and quick cut to image of Ford

6. Edit footage of Harold Ford, with former White House Domestic Policy Adviser Claude Allen and have them standing in front of a Target store

5. Having David Duke standing in front of a Confederate flag, and opine on what it would mean to elect Ford

4. Blatantly lie and claim that it was Harold Ford who gave Senator George Allen the “macaca” word

3. Digitally alter video of Ford to have him standing on a lawn and wearing a jockey uniform

2. For the television version of the radio “Tom-Tom Drum” commercial, everytime Ford’s name is mentioned, a subliminal video clip of an old Duke Ellington number at the Cotton Club is inserted

1. Do spoof of that Desperate Housewives commercial, with Nicolette Sheridan in towel in towel, and replace Terrell Owens with Harold Ford

With Karl “The Math” Rove by his side, RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman explains how he sees nothing wrong with using blonde bimbos and tom-tom drums in ads, saying, if they are successful in the Midterm elections, “we’ll be flooding the networks in 2008”

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Anonymous said...

Very Funny! ... What's scary though is this is how Mehlman and RNC think ...

HuffPo has a good one too

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