Monday, October 23, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Surprises Found In Discovery Of Ancient Dentist Tombs In Egypt

News Item: Tombs Of Ancient Dentists Discovered In Egypt

10. Scrolls found show ancient Egyptian dentists started trend of taking Wednesday’s off

9. With respect for higher learning, Wisdom Teeth were never removed and treated like gods

8. Only 1-out-of-5 Ancient Egyptian dentists recommended daily brushing

7. Most ancient Egyptian dentists used packed wet sand for tooth fillings - High-end dentists used mud from Nile River

6. Earliest form of vending machine also discovered - Live, bucking ponies in front of Ancient Egyptian dentists offices used to entertain small children

5. Out-dated Popular Mechanics and Life magazines found in primitive waiting room

4. Drawings show pulling teeth similar to building pyramids - Rope tied around infected tooth and then pulled by thousands of slaves

3. Hieroglyphics depict earliest known documentation of Muzak

2. Ancient Egyptian dentists had weak lobbying group; Better organized Ancient Egyptian Optometrists had the pull to get the “All Seeing Eye” on money, jewelry, buildings, tombs and pyramids

1. Records found that majority of Ancient Egyptian dentists flunked out of Ancient Egyptian Medical Schools

Ancient Egyptian Optometrists, with a better lobbying group, beat out the Ancient Egyptian dentists, and branded the “All Seeing Eye” on money, jewelry, buildings, tombs and pyramids

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