Sunday, February 24, 2008

Editor's Note: Furnace, Snow, and Burnt Out

Good Evening Garlic Fans;

Just a quick shout out, to offer another mea culpa for the low posting the past two days.

A small case of overload, and exhaustion, a bit of burn-out.

It started Thursday afternoon, with the discovery of a broken furnace, and having them show up nearly six-hours later to deal with it (and only temporarily, as it was the blower motor and the repairman that showed up didn't have one - that was an hour waiting for a different repairman to show up with one).

Then, on Friday, the almost big snow (10-11-inches).

It started early AM, but it was very light.

I decided to give a try to the system my buddy Barry Crimmins
has advocated, since it was a light, crystal-type snow, and manage it with a push broom.

That worked for a few hours, as I made two passes at it (not only my front sidewalk, but also did the neighbors as well), but got sidetracked and by the time I got out there for Pass #3, too much time had gone by, the snow was falling much heavier and it was too much to broom away.

And since the snow didn't snow by 7PM, as heralded by the local weatherman, and was still snowing when I went to bed, very late Friday evening, that meant a day of shoveling yesterday (aided by a Good Samaritan neighbor, with a snowblower) and too fried following it to be creative, let alone lift my arms to the keyboard, (actually it was the shoulders and lower-back that got tight).

Back, hopefully in the groove today, so ... Enjoy!

And, as always, thanks again for visiting and reading The Garlic.

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