Sunday, February 24, 2008

He's Back! - Nader To The Rescue - Again!

He's Back!

Good thing, I suppose, we have presidential elections every four years, otherwise, we may never hear from (or know what he's up to) Ralph Nader.

This morning, on Little Timmy Russert's Clubhouse (aka 'Meet The Press', which may have had its' own brush with history - If my ears were working properly, it may be the first time in quite awhile that Doris Kearns Goodwin didn't make some kind of Abraham Lincoln analogy), Nader, and his SuperSizeMe ego, announced he is - yawn - running for President - again.

Now, I know that Nader brings up some very valid points, important issues, et all.

And, as I sat there listening to him read off his own talking points, I couldn't help but wonder why he hasn't been more engaged.

When you think back to the big splash (at least, PR-wise) in 2000, when he prevented (but really didn't) Al Gore from winning the presidency, use that as a launching pad to become a congressman or senator? Or, to dig and build a real, viable third party (be it Green, or any other color), a third party that wasn't only about himself, that over these last eight-years, may have been able to place enough candidates, win a smattering of seats, where Nader and his party would have a resounding voice?

No, we have to wait for the sighting, when Nader decides that he, and only he, has all the answers and can be the only one, the chosen one, to ride to the rescue and save the country.

Maybe hitting all those Corvair dashboards is finally catching up to him.

Nader wants to jump in, with only an inflatable tire, to sail and surf on the Obama Tsunami.

Obama has everyone grooving to "Higher and Higher" and now, Nadar wants to change the channel, to Johnny Mathis and "Chances Are".

Don't count on it.

Obama, and his Bullet Train, are speeding down the tracks, with Nader still standing on the platform, at "Too Late-Irrelevant" station (with Hillary standing in the middle of "Missed The Boat" terminal).

While not knowing chapter-and-verse, the Obama demographics, it would seem from all the news reports that he has a good chunk of people and support already locked-up, who, otherwise, may have been open to getting behind the perpetual candidate.

So, give all you got Ralph, including the bluster that is sure to be part of the package.

And, come November Ralph, right after the election, leave a note on where we can find you over the next four-years.

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