Monday, February 25, 2008

"...And Your Mother Wears Combat Boots!"

Boy, Frank Rich's timing couldn't have been better ... The Audacity of Hopelessness

Hillary's down to taunting Barack Obama, with, basically, a "Your mother wears Army boots" mentality.

So much for the "And, you know, no matter what happens in this contest -- and I am honored, I am honored to be here with Barack Obama. I am absolutely honored" thing, from the debate the other night.

Perhaps the operative phrase here is "no matter what happens", that it was not the emotional, conciliatory outreach most took it for, but a warning, throwing down a "I'm coming after you".

While it could register a movement on the satire meter, in looking at the video, the tone gives it away ... Hillary comes off cowardly, like a bully trying to rally support behind their oafishness.

And it's disingenuous.

While Obama, true, with uplifting, soul-stirring oratory, has moved the masses, I haven't heard him say it will be easy, that it's a cakewalk, or that on Day One, he'll wave a magic wand to disappear all the special interests, as Hillary mocked.

In this "My Sister-My Daughter" campaign of the Clinton camp, I half expect to see breaking news today of Hillary, cheeks puffy and red, breaking down in tears again, on how game she is, how hard it is ...

No, strike that ...

She'll wait until March 3rd to do the waterworks, to follow her New Hampshire strategy, maybe cite that she is "reclaiming her voice", since she had previously found it, and has been talking six-ways-from-Sunday with it.

There is an article this morning - "Clinton assures donors after losses."

Assures them of what?

That she'll be carrying around her "Campaign Joke Book for Dummies"? ... That she'll put thumb tacks on Obama's chair before the next debate? ... Or a Whoopee Cushion? ... Is she going to get some her staff, get their "Bitch" on and go all "Mean Girls" on Obama?

If Hillary's strategy, her "assurances to donors", is to merely taunt Obama, time for her to bow out now.

We don't need to hear this juvenile pap from now, to the convention.

It reeks of desperation.

Maybe a few of those celestial angels that she mocked, can come down, in the bright light that she mocked, and tap Hillary on the shoulder, whisper a few words in her ear and tell her the "weight-challenged" lady is singing.

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