Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Maybe Marvel Comics Can Put Out A Special Edition ... The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll

Oh, think of the possibilities ...

The Fantastic Four, descending upon Denver, for the Democrats convention, out and determined to keep the process fair and just.

Then, suddenly, they appear ... The school-bus-yellow-pant-suited Superdelegates ...

Will Sue Storm throw up a force field to hold them at bay?

Does Johnny Storm merely point a flaming finger at them, incinerating the Superdelegates on the spot?

Ben Grimm, will he do his "Thing", thing and crush them?

Maybe, carnage will be avoided, with Reed Richards, as Mister Fantastic (well, Mister Fantastic #2, if Barack Obama happens to be around) stretches out his neck, supervising the Superdelegates, checking all their ballots, snooping on their conversations, and, to the chagrin of Human Torch, and Thing, reasons with the Superdelegates to do the right thing ...

Hmmm ... Maybe Marvel Comics can put out a Special Edition ...

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll February 17 - February 25, 2008

With so much confusing talk about them, most people think Superdelegates are ...

1. Arch enemy to the Fantastic Four Tally 28%

2. New strain of the Flu Tally 26%

3. Brand of steroids Roger Clemens took Tally 22%

4 (Tie). Retro 1970's disco group Tally 12%

4 (Tie). What Heather Mills wants in her divorce from Paul McCartney Tally 12%

This week’s Poll - For Mitt Romney to jump back in the Presidential Race, he needs to ...

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