Sunday, February 24, 2008

Well, It's A Destiny of Sitting at The Presidential Kids Table

Getting lost in the booming news of the week (take your pick - Obama trouncing Hillary, Hillary blowing smoke about Obama's "plagiarism", Here's Johnny Boy McCain and his Lobbyist Love Fest), is that our current, the 42nd President of the United States has set a new record, unparalleled, unprecedented (even worse than Nixon, for Christ's Sake!).


Nixon was only at 23% during Watergate and the worst rating, Harry Truman, was only 22%, that during the Korean War.

The Commander Guy might want to put a parachute pack on the back of the flightsuit, he's plummeting so badly.

From Attytood;

"Worse than Richard Nixon in the days before he resigned in disgrace during Watergate, worse than Jimmy Carter during the Iran hostage crisis, much worse than Bill Clinton when he was impeached. Just as Roger Bannister raced through what once seemed the unreachable 4-minute mile, Bush has burst through a barrier once also thought impossible, below the 20-percent mark."

If this isn't, yet, more ammunition for the Congressional Democrats to stay strong on the Protect America Act and deny the Telcom Immunity (and, of course, the soul-less Bush Grindhouse continues to lie and play with a stacked deck of Fear Cards).

As Snagglepuss might yelp, Heavens-to-Murgatroyd!, do they want to go down, caving to a President that has 4-out-5 Americans disapproving of him?

When, in the future, the living, former Presidents get together, they'll have no choice but to place this "Cascading Conservative" at the kids table, that is if such ratings even gets him in the door.

Again, from Attytood;
It takes more than unpopularity to become the worst president ever, but this may be the straw that broke the camel's back on that front. It should remind us all what the 2008 election is all about, and it's not about Hillary's wardrobe or an off-the-cuff remark or who is the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan.

It's only about who can undo the damage of the last eight years. It's amazing so many people wanted such a difficult task."

The sooner he exits - be it stage right, or stage left, the better we will all be.

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