Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Retro Garlic: Is Monica Goodling Just Like Batman?

Maybe it will take another day, or two.

Some Right Wing Freak Show blog, or publication - perhaps the Wall Street Journal, again - will run an essay comparing the newest Brokeback Batman, err, The Dark Knight, to Monica Goodling.

After all, in her Pat-Robertson-educated mind, she was fighting for the American Way.

She could be equally tough and ruthless, coming out with The Commander Guy's "You're either with us, or against us" ethos, asking prospective Justice Department hirees "What Is It About GWB That Makes You Want to Serve Him?"

Oh boy, is that a loaded question ...

(Knowing, during the Bush Regime, the Republicans healthy, lusty carnal appetites, I wonder if anyone answered that question with "the twins")

So, you ask, why is this Lady Injustice back in the news again?

Well, yesterday, The Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility released findings on the investigation of how Crony General Alberto Gonzales, and his cronies Monica Goodling and Kyle Sampson, stacked the deck at the Justice Department (turning it into the Injustice Department), by skewing the hiring, dumping qualified candidates because they didn't Goose Step to the Bush Grindhouse, and hiring lame GOP lackeys for career positions.

In sum, we concluded that the evidence showed that Goodling violated both federal law and Department policy, and therefore committed misconduct, when she considered political or ideological affiliations in hiring decisions for candidates for career positions within the Department. In particular, the evidence showed that she considered political or ideological affiliations in deciding several waiver requests from interim U.S. Attorneys, in promoting several candidates for career positions, and in disapproving a candidate for an EOUSA career SES position
Yeah, I know, another "I'm shocked, shocked to find gambling going on here ..."

It may become easier to line up all the people, all of them, who worked in, and for, the Bush Grindhouse the past eight-years, and ask whoever hasn't broken the law, violated the Constitution and otherwise went about their work completely unethically, to take one step forward.

You could probably count them on one hand.

Now, one would think of the terrible scandal, the hours of hearings, followed up by indictments, trials and perp-walks to jail, however, you only need to remember that it is the 110th Congress in session, so, likely, this will slowly fade away, no trials, no jailbirds, just quietly falling off Nancy Pelosi's infamous table.

Anyway, the Retro Part;

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