Saturday, August 02, 2008

ABC's Jake Tapper Walks Away With The Golden McPenis!

As the bathrobe-clad Stumblin' Bumblin John McCain continues his stumblin' and bumblin, the John McCain Fan Club media can't make the donuts fast enough ...

And John Cole, over on Balloon Juice, captures it perfectly

The Voices In Jake Tapper’s Head

The title of his post is “Did Obama Accuse McCain of Running a Racist, Xenophobic Campaign?” He then goes on at length to extol the virtues of John McCain, who does not have a racist bone in his body, we learn. The piece would have been embarrassing for the stupidity alone, but the shameless boot-licking really put it over the top.

For his excellent work, Jake Tapper is the first ever winner of the new Balloon Juice award for shameless media fluffing of John McCain, The Golden McPenis. Congratulations, Jake. The award is below the fold as it is NSFWish.

As another great Bush Grindhouse fluffer once said;

"Suck on this!"

Go get'em Jake!

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